12 Painter Artists

Galeri Hadiprana presents an exhibition of paintings titled “Wayang the Legend”. The exhibition is expected to play a role in preserving Wayang as an expression of cultural wealth of the Indonesia’s rich artistic value and has been recognized as a world cultural heritage.
The background of this exhibition is the fact that the puppet show is not popular anymore. There is an assumption that the existence of the puppets in our current digital culture will be abandoned. Wayang is far from the lifestyle of young generation. Presence of TV and the internet makes young people have no patience watching the wayang show. That is not entirely true. The future of wayang is still exist since wayang is the unlimited source of the idea of painting creations. Wayang that is expressed in contemporary paintings become really interesting art.
There are twelve selected paintings to be displayed in simple and compacted exhibition. Public is expected to appreciate the painting of wayang, not only that is also highly qualified to serve as an art collection but also beautiful to fill the home interior.
Home with wayang themed paintings on display will strengthen the sense of identity as an Indonesian people. Wayang themed paintings contain ethical values that is not only good-looking but also provides…Read More




Showcasing the treasure of Peranakan culture, Galeri Hadiprana brought art aficionados back to the past with their magnificent exhibition – Peranakan: The Living Legacy. It’s an integrated art and exhibition that blown your mind. The event featured finest works from Indonesia talents, including painting by Josephine Linggar, kebaya Peranakan by Agnes Budhisurya, vintage Peranakan furniture and home accent by Jojo Gow, exquisite porcelain by Ghea Panggabean and beautiful, noy-to-be-missed Peranakan jewelry by Manjusha Nusantara. Galeri Hadiprana at Mitra Hadiprana Boutique Mall, Jakarta became the host fr this artistic affair, which was opened on Monday, July 29, 2013 by Ibu Inten Soeweno. The elegant opening of this exhibition was also hosted by LB Moerdani, Martina Widjaja, and Rita Poesponegoro. All guest who attended the event, dressed in a Peranakan mood. The exhibition, lasted until August 24, was aimed to bring the legacy of Peranakan forward, as the unique acculturation of Chinese immigrants and Indonesia natives. It’s a treasure of the nation, and any movement to reserve the culture can be considered important since it has enriched the national culture of Indonesia.
Josephine Linggar herself is known as collector’s favorite, both in Indonesia and abroad. The senior…Read More