Galeri Hadiprana presents a small exhibition of paintings titled “The Beginning of a Love Story”. This exhibition is to introduce and showcase the works a young artist from Jogjakarta: Valentino Febry. He was born in Jogjakarta 1992 as the fourth son of Sutopo, a famous artist from Jogjakarta, who has close and long relationship with Galeri Hadiprana. The art of Sutopo has been well known for decades in Indonesia, specialized in naturalistic depictions of landscapes and trees. They both, father and son, start painting career in different era. However there is similarity of the two which both has the capability to express something important, which is about we think and feel about something. The son, Valentino, from 2010 is the student of Indonesian Art Institutes in Jogjakarta. But Valentino has demonstrated his extraordinary artistic talent since his early years. In ten year old, he had been created two meters oil on canvas paintings. God guides his brushes. …Read More




Showcasing the treasure of Peranakan culture, Galeri Hadiprana brought art aficionados back to the past with their magnificent exhibition – Peranakan: The Living Legacy. It’s an integrated art and exhibition that blown your mind. The event featured finest works from Indonesia talents, including painting by Josephine Linggar, kebaya Peranakan by Agnes Budhisurya, vintage Peranakan furniture and home accent by Jojo Gow, exquisite porcelain by Ghea Panggabean and beautiful, noy-to-be-missed Peranakan jewelry by Manjusha Nusantara. Galeri Hadiprana at Mitra Hadiprana Boutique Mall, Jakarta became the host fr this artistic affair, which was opened on Monday, July 29, 2013 by Ibu Inten Soeweno. The elegant opening of this exhibition was also hosted by LB Moerdani, Martina Widjaja, and Rita Poesponegoro. All guest who attended the event, dressed in a Peranakan mood. The exhibition, lasted until August 24, was aimed to bring the legacy of Peranakan forward, as the unique acculturation of Chinese immigrants and Indonesia natives. It’s a treasure of the nation, and any movement to reserve the culture can be considered important since it has enriched the national culture of Indonesia.
Josephine Linggar herself is known as collector’s favorite, both in Indonesia and abroad. The senior…Read More